IPCQ is committed to minimising the impact of operations on the environment in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and considers environmental best practice to be vital to the ultimate success of the business’ operations.

We commit to implement systems that minimise our business’ activities impact on the environment. We achieve this through our everyday processes such as product selection, design of containment systems, staff training & awareness and technological advancements.

Blast Media Selection
For traditional Abrasive Blasting activities, IPCQ typically utilises a blast media that is classified as non hazardous, a non-dangerous good and is a naturally occurring mineral with no known ecotoxicity. The product is insoluble in water and unlikely to contaminate waterways or food chains. Anecdotal information from blasting operators is that this Australian-mined garnet is low dust as compared to some other courser grades and sources of garnet. IPCQ also has the means and experience to utilise sponge blasting, and steel grit/shot medias where preferable.

Containment Systems
IPCQ has the means and experience to provide full encapsulation systems which are generally achieved by enclosing the work area with containment sheeting. Joins and entrances are sealed and regularly inspected. Containment sheeting can also be supplied with fire retardation where required.

Blast Technology
IPCQ own and can offer new automated abrasive blasting technology. Our system is fully contained so environmental impacts are mitigated or often eliminated completely. The technology utilises steel grit/shot in lieu of traditional blast media and eliminates the requirement for substantial and expensive clean-up and waste disposal processes. The machine forms a firm seal on the substrate preventing emissions from being released which also often allows for simultaneous operations to occur. The abrasive material is fully recoverable and recyclable which significantly reduces the amount of regulated waste generated.