Passive Fire Protection

IPCQ provide Passive Fire Protection systems across a wide range of industries including petrochemical, oil and gas. The most effective method of Passive Fire Protection is intumescent coatings. These are light weight coatings that, once heated, expand to provide thorough protection to the surface below.

Passive Fire Protection coatings adds an important safety barrier when it is applied by prolonging the structural integrity if under duress from fire.

Practical Fire Proofing Solutions

After many years of providing services against hydrocarbon fires, our staff members have exceptional experience with Fire Protection. This experience, along with our notable industry connections provide us with the ability to identify and install the most practical fire proofing solution to ensure your assets are well protected.
  • A release of organic acid is caused by the heightened temperature. The heat also causes the softening of the polymeric binder, a key ingredient in the coating.
  • Polyols begin to carbonise.
  • The molten mixture begins to swell as a result of the gas produced through the decomposition of the blowing agent, melamine.
  • The insulation is maintained through the solidification of the foamed char, a result of the cross-linking action.