Scaffold & Containment Systems

IPCQ have designed and have implemented an innovative containment system which enables large bulk storage tanks to be accessed by EWP but still provide environmentally friendly containment systems. This involves the installation of engineered framework and curtains being installed. IPCQ can also provide fixed and mobile scaffold systems along with stair access which can all be used in conjunction with containment systems

Our crew members are trained and experienced in working within high risk environments and maintain safety as a top priority. We ensure the scaffold we construct is of the highest quality and can provide myriad uses.

scaffold and containment systems


Due to IPCQ’s abrasive blasting and protective coating operations, we consistently use scaffold and containment systems ourselves which enlightens us to the Client’s requirements. With this experience, we can ensure the correct system is planned and constructed to gain access, encapsulate and contain any project required.

  • Access to heights
  • Provide shelter
  • Containment of hazardous substances
  • Prevention of over spray