Barge and Work Boat Access

IPCQ are equipped to conduct marine coating and are able to access projects over and under water. Our staff members are coxswain trained and hold MSIC cards. We have conducted a range of marine based services including working from a boat, barge or pontoon. Our qualified riggers and dogmen enable us to winch pontoons onto pipelines situated above the water in order to guarantee access regardless of tides.

Due to our experience, we have encountered and overcome the many scheduling issues that surround working at sea.


Barge & Work Boat Access

IPCQ have overcome many issues that surround working at sea:

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Working from a boat
  • Working from a barge
  • Working from a pontoon

Minimal Environmental Impact

IPCQ value the environment and aim to achieve minimal impact when conducting operations in water. We have specialised containment procedures to ensure no particles from the surface preparation process are released into the waterway.