Commercial Painting

IPCQ understand the need for minimal disruption during Commercial Painting projects. We respect our client’s requirements and obtain a professional appearance for the benefit of their image. If work during business hours is undesirable, IPCQ can tailor our operating hours to suit our Client’s.

IPCQ have a history of conducting works in high security and prominent business areas. As such, we are able to comply with stringent requirements and adhere to strict appearance regulations in order to uphold our high profile client’s public image.

Commercial Painting

Painting Services

IPCQ offer a range of commercial painting services including:

  • Interior & exterior painting
  • Protective coatings
  • Paint touch ups and maintenance programs
  • High pressure concrete cleaning
  • Building washing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Working at heights e.g. high rises

Project Management

With experience across a wide range of industries, IPCQ have successfully overseen many projects to completion on time and within budget.  Assigning IPCQ as Primary Contractor to your project will avoid the hassle and waste of resources often involved in managing multiple contractors during your refurbishment.